The Holy Spirit

God has promised us that if we would come to Jesus, we would not be cast aside! The Gospels declare that Jesus Lived, Died and Rose from the dead! The events that give us the promise of salvation. The salvation that Jesus promised is both present and future. 

He wants us to obey and follow him right now, today!  There is a much ignored aspect of our salvation today that is calling us to Christ, that is the fact that if we would be friends with Christ, we must submit to His authority, and surrender our will to His.

It is the work of the Holy Spirit to help us conform to the pattern that Christ provided us by His life here on the earth. We, as His children, are in the process of 'becoming like Him.'  The Bible tells me that we cannot become like Him by our own effort.  We need the Holy Spirit!  We need all He has promised us.  God is not in the business of giving us senseless gifts that have no value. If we are to be successful in 'becoming like Christ,' we must receive this 'God Promised' gift. Thank God for the enabling gift of your Holy Spirit.

But He has also promised us that we will be in the Father's presence with Him when we die or He returns. We look forward to that event that will take us into the presence of the Father never to be separated from Him again!