The Witness

I want proof! I'm sorry, but I don't want to have to 'take your word for it.'  Opinions are a 'dime a dozen;' Pictures don't prove anything and hearsay isn't good enough. I want to be there personally, see it for myself, Make my own decision. 

In our search for meaning and purpose for existing on this ball of dirt we must search until we find and NOT settle for less.  Some have looked around and, without looking everywhere, have come to the conclusion that life has no overriding purpose and we are the result of some cosmic accident.  Until we look everywhere, we cannot support that opinion as factual.  In our society today, there is an aversion to making an all-out search for God.  Perhaps we are afraid of what others might say, or what we might discover. 

God makes this promise to us...'you will find me when you look for me with ALL your heart.'   I have discovered in my journey that the quality of my discovery has been predicated on the seriousness and intensity of my search!  To be good at anything, we have to pursue our goal with a persistent inquisitiveness. Halfhearted efforts almost always lead to disappointment. Give it all you've got, God wants to be found, but doesn't want to be trivialized by lackluster searching. God promises to give us an internal surety(an personal witness) that He is real; a surety that will last in the face of opposition and ridicule.